List 34

Average people have wishes and hopes. Confident people have goals and plans.


Last month, my friend Kate passed away. She was 34.

Inspired by my gorgeous, enthusiastic, adventurous and spirited friend, I have spent a lot of time thinking about how I can best pay tribute to her and I have decided upon List 34.

The list consists of 34 things that I would like to achieve by the time that I am 40, in four years time.  An age that until last month I was pretty apprehensive about heading towards. Now, I’m just grateful to have the opportunity.

Some of the things on the list are small and simple to achieve, some are costly, some will be easy, others will involve more detailed planning and organising. All are significant and have meaning to me.

I hope to include family and friends in my pursuits and I will of course, keep a record of how I get on. Look out for updates!

So, without further ado, and in no particular order, I present List 34:

1) Go somewhere lovely for afternoon tea

2) Watch Burning the Clocks in Brighton (

3) Visit the Tower of London

4) Watch a sunset in a beautiful location

5) Learn all the word to Walk like an Egyptian by The Bangles

6) Participate in National Novel Writing Month (

7) Run 5k in less than 30 minutes

8) Celebrate Hogmanay in Edinburgh

9) Give blood at least four times

10) Watch a recording of Strictly Come Dancing

11) Build an Igloo

12) Arrange a big Rounders game for a friend who keeps talking about it, but hasn’t got round to organising it

13) Buy a property with a garden

14) Finally get into Breaking Bad and see what all the fuss is about

15) Eat at Tom Kerridge’s restaurant (

16) See the Northern Lights

17) Visit the British Museum

18) Go on a treasure hunt

19) Ride in a helicopter

20) Ride the Welsh four person zip wire, with my sister and two cousins who talked me into it (

21) Go skiing (a dry slope will suffice)

22) Read five books that I haven’t already read from the BBCs big read – Top 100 books (

23) Write and maintain my will

24) Successfully grow something

25) Participate in Colour Run

26) Make it to the Isle of Wight

27) Go to the Notting Hill Carnival (

28) Do something for charity; clearly I haven’t worked out the finer details of this point but I will, I promise

29) Buy a good camera and learn how to use it properly

30) Have a piece of writing published (on this blog doesn’t count!)

31) See Meatloaf if he tours again

32) Have a savings account that isn’t empty

33) Complete the London to Brighton bike ride

34) Go to New York


If you would like to read my tribute to Kate, you can find it here


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