About Josiejolene

581968_10151110890797915_1943319546_nI am: 38 but feel 25, cheerful, smiley, optimistic, sarcastic, a shoe lover, a chocolate lover, slightly too fat due to the chocolate loving. 

I love: My husband, family and friends, my cat, taking photos, drinking vodka, the colour pink, writing, reading, singing, eating cake, laughing.

I hate: People with glossy easy to manage hair, ugly shoes, mushrooms, things not matching, having no cake.

You can find me: http://www.josiejolene.wordpress.com

3 thoughts on “About Josiejolene

  1. Hey Jolene, Its really nice to meet you. Good thing I stumbled here ! 🙂
    You have got such a sweet blog over here. Love the little welcome note on the side of the blog. I chuckled on that mum and dad thing. Hope to see more often you.
    Have an awesome day ahead.
    Much Love. Zee ❤


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